Comments Windows 8 makes setting up a printer much easier than previous versions. But as much as I would like to see it, printing is necessary in many cases — especially in a corporate environment. One of the features not often discussed is improved support for printers in Windows 8. Recently Steven Sinofsky wrote a post on the Building Windows 8 blog about the evolution of printing from Windows 1. The v4 architecture produces smaller, faster printer drivers, and it supports the idea of a print class driver framework—a system that allows people to install their printers without having to locate a driver for that device, in many cases. To connect my printer, I simply powered it on, enabled the wireless feature and Windows 8 recognized it on my WiFi network right away. Then in Control Panel click Devices and Printers. Then under Printers, my wireless printer is listed, double click on it. The printer properties screen comes up. Then under the General tab, click Print Test Page.

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Trackback Trackback You can review your recent sonar history by mov- ing the cursor to the left until the screen starts to move in reverse. Blue sonar history bar Only active with Move the sonar history bar all the way to the right Downscan overlay to resume normal sonar scrolling, or press MENU Used to record Auto Sensitivity New waypoint Sensitivity Places a waypoint at your current position or Controls the level of detail shown on the display.

From the new waypoint Too much detail will clutter the screen. If Sensitivity dialog, you can input a waypoint name, select an is set too low, desired echoes may not be displayed. You will have to turn it off to make significant adjustments.

Sep 19,  · How do you hook up a Pillow TFT LCD Color Monitor for a car back-up system? There was no manual with the product,only a page listing the function keys. Look closely at your keyboard and you will probably see one marked with a small icon that looks like a monitor. Or check the manual for your computer which will list the key.

He stood beside Muhammad Ali in when the then world heavyweight champion was stripped of his title and banned from fighting for refusing the Vietnam draft. Like Ali, he would convert to Islam and change his name. He refused to participate in the Olympic Games in Mexico as a show of racial solidarity following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Now an author, columnist and political commentator, the greying, year-old Abdul-Jabbar remains a fearless crusader — and a cultural lighting rod.

He has mounted a spirited defence of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick — ousted from the league after kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality — denounced the body-shaming of tennis star Serena Williams, and called for the jailing of politicians who create false election ads. In one Washington Post article, Abdul-Jabbar called out his bullying tactics with the media, and Trump responded with a handwritten note, scrawled across the offending column: Best wishes, Donald Trump.

I know that I have to deal with criticism when I screw up. That worries me, so I speak out, and, hopefully, people are listening. He likes the feel-good events, he said, because they allow young people to reach out in friendship to those who live with them in the same country.

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New Microsoft Excel worksheets are not shown in Taskbar even after enabling the Excel Hook which is used to create separate taskbar icons for. Download on the App Store or Google Play today. Icons and Splash images for your Cordova project. Set up your team with powerful search, 30GB of storage, email access from any device, and all the other benefits of Gmail.

I have upgraded a Snow Leopard system to Mavericks. I expected to see the LaunchPad icon spaceship icon used to launch installed apps on the Dock, but it is not there.

View Sizing Line-Up Help me raise money for boat fuel, live bait, and extra tackle for the fishing season! All funds raised will go to Jenai Marek, the organizer for boat fuel, bait, and fishing gear for tournaments & tourney prep!.

By hooking your laptop up to your TV, you can turn it into a media center, streaming your favorite Netflix and Hulu content, as well as playing YouTube videos and any media stored on your laptop. You can play games on the big screen, or edit a document without straining your eyes. Follow this guide to get your laptop hooked up to your TV. Steps Connection Basics 1 Determine which video output port s your laptop has.

There are several possible types; your laptop may have more than 1. If you are attempting to connect a MacBook to your TV, check out this guide. A VGA port is roughly rectangular with 15 pins in 3 rows of 5. It’s how you connect your laptop to a docking station. An S-video port is circular with either 4 or 7 pins. A composite video port is a circular jack, usually color-coded yellow.


Arrow icon State regulators on Thursday approved a measure to reduce the cost for new customers to hook up to Peco Energy Co. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission endorsed a Peco pilot project to finance gas-main extensions to unserved neighborhoods. Typically, the costs are so steep that few customers can afford the up-front payment. The PUC also approved a measure that would reduce or eliminate the up-front cost for thousands of customers who live along existing gas mains to connect.

Peco, which serves about , gas customers in the Philadelphia suburbs, becomes the latest Pennsylvania utility to adopt new rules to make it easier for customers to convert to natural gas. State policymakers are pressuring utilities to sign up more customers to consume gas produced in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale region, which costs less than oil, propane, or electricity to heat a home.

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If you don’t have a fingerprint reader or an IR camera, Windows 10 won’t let you proceed. You won’t be asked to do this if you already have a PIN. To set your new browser as the default, follow these steps. You can get there from the Start Menu. Click the icon under Web browser. Configure Cortana or Turn Her Off Microsoft’s built-in digital assistant offers a number of neat features, such as the ability to set reminders, find files by semantic search, answer questions using Bing’s knowledge base, perform some voice commands and give you alerts for things like weather and sports scores.

If the idea of having a digital assistant appeals to you, you need to activate Cortana and give her some information about you. If you don’t want a digital assistant and choose not to activate Cortana, you can still use her search box to find files and apps. Click in the search box. If you aren’t logged in to a Microsoft account, you’ll be prompted to sign in, but you should already be logged into Windows 10 with that account unless you went out of your way to create a local account.

A list of icons appears. Disable the Time-Wasting Lock Screen Unless you enjoy staring at an attractive photo when you first boot or wake your PC, the Windows lock screen serves absolutely no purpose. Every time you start up, you have to swipe or click on the lock screen photos before you can enter your username and password, but why not just go straight to the login prompt? Click Yes if prompted by User Account Control.

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Print Carlee Soto reacts to the news of children slaughtered at school in Newtown, Connecticut. Indeed, President Obama has vowed to impose strong new gun-control measures on the nation — very soon, with or without Congress. Within hours of the gruesome mega-crime, the media had provided extensive, round-the-clock coverage of precisely which firearms, manufacturers and calibers the perpetrator had used, how he had obtained them from his mother, where they were originally purchased, and so on.

And that was her life. One brief mini-hoax emerged when the New York Daily News published a story claiming the shooter, according to his uncle, had been on the controversial antipsychotic drug Fanapt.

The Perfection Sure Hook-Up Shaky Head Jig Head features 2 titanium wire legs and a flat bottom football head that keep the jig upright, ensuring the soft plastic bait Price: $

Even today, while I spend as much time and effort advocating on behalf of wildlife habitat as I do hunting in it, some people who spot me with my rifle are never going to imagine anything but a callous hick who inflicts suffering on animals while littering backcountry roads with beer cans. Of course, the stereotypes run both ways.

While a professional nature photographer may advocate for conservation through their work, a hunter may view them as profiting from wildlife without financially contributing to federal and state conservation programs, the latter of which are funded primarily through the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses and the collection of excise taxes levied against guns, ammo, archery equipment, and fishing supplies.

The first happened in early , when Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz introduced H. The bill would have required the federal government to sell off millions of acres of public land in ten western states. Protesters coalesced under keepitpublic , and the movement grew to a ferocious rallying cry on social media. Within days, Chaffetz posted on Instagram that he was withdrawing the bill. Normally a suit and tie kind of fella, the congressman appeared in his photo decked out in a camo hat and jacket and cradling a hunting dog.

Case study number two: In April , President Trump ordered interior secretary Ryan Zinke to review 27 national monuments created or expanded after , with an eye toward reducing their size or repealing their status. The move sparked a firestorm of outrage from many of the same organizations that protested H.

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Even a few years ago, Internet dating meant tethering yourself to your computer. Thanks to mobile devices and location-sensing apps, however, the whole world has become your playground for dates, hookups and long-term relationships. With Valentine’s Day approaching, check out our top dating, hook-up and meet-up apps that will help you find the Right One

Simply hook up the hose and make sure it is fitted securely to the RV and the sewer inlet. Once connected, you can open the gray tank if you want, but you should leave the black tank valve closed until ready to dump. Unhooking. The order for unhooking is the same as hooking up, for the same reasons.

Beautifuly designed and finished with durable materials and a rugged, polished stainless steel tip, this dehooker safely removes hooks, plugs, lures and flies nearly instantly! Best of all, these great tools are inexpensive. Simply put, the unHOOKum dehooking tool is both a better product and a better price! I can now remove flies and hooks – which are regularly buried deep in the fish’s throat — in four seconds or less, without damage to the fish or my tackle!

All over the U. Unlike other products meant for trout fishing, the unHOOKum is not bulky or clumsy. It doesn’t require three hands or need the leader to be tight.


This story was originally published Feb. Because of her workload as a Temple University biochemistry student, she’s more likely to be found cracking open books in her dorm than beers at a frat party. Besides, she thinks that guys her age are, like, so immature. And she’s not alone. Last year, hundreds of female college students like Paula joined SeekingArrangement.

We’d text each other if we were available, hook up, sometimes sleep over, go our separate ways.” Then she found a boyfriend. “I was like, Respect, I’m out.

We thought it would be extremely useful to have access to icons without the need to save many versions or sizes for a single site. How to Use Them We’ve made it super easy for you to get going with these icons! Download the Font Pack First things first, get your mouse pointer over here and download the font sets or choose a specific font from the download area in the sidebar.

When you download the fonts, you’ll be able to simply merge the stylesheets and fonts folders straight into Foundation. If you are using Sass, we’ve got. Here’s what the CSS looks like: You just simply apply the appropriate classes that match the icon you want to use. Here’s what the markup looks like: Using More Than One? If you want to include more than one font on a site, you can simply chain a class to it that will apply the appropriate font-family.

View an example on GitHub.

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You can also create a new Wi-Fi network. Connect to a Wi-Fi network Click in the menu bar, then choose a network. Connect to a secure Wi-Fi network Secure Wi-Fi networks are password-protected and have by their names. Enter the password, then click Join. If you don’t know the password to the Wi-Fi network , contact the network administrator. Connect to a hidden network Click in the menu bar.

How To Hook Up 12 Volt Batteries In Series Interstate Batteries Store 6 Volt Deep Cycle Concorde Lead Acid Battery Ica How To Hook Up 12 Volt Batteries In Series Who Make Powertron P Golf Cart Batteries 12v Battery Desulfator Reviews Marine Boat Batteries The most responsible thing of all is a person need to record your family, friends.

Netflix is available on many Toshiba devices. Netflix streaming features on supported devices include: Supported Regions Netflix is available worldwide, and most devices will work wherever Netflix is available, though some older devices will only work in the country where they were purchased. See our Supported Region Map for details. If you are considering purchasing a new device, check with the manufacturer to see if it supports Netflix in your region.

Older devices may ask you to go to netflix. These devices only support Netflix in the US and Canada. Navigation On most devices, Netflix lets you browse through rows of TV shows and movies, including a row dedicated to your My List selections. Older devices may not have rows of categories, but do allow you to scroll through My List , which you can create using the Netflix website. Resolution Most devices are capable of streaming Netflix in high definition on fast internet connections and will play Netflix in their maximum supported resolution see our internet connection speed recommendations for more information.

To check if your device supports 5. If not, your device does not support this feature. Many devices will let you customize the appearance of subtitles and captions.