Sunday Oklahoman, April 1, By Phil Frey Sure, Jack, we’ve all heard those putdowns from the straight dudes about what a fake show pro wrestling really is — how it’s just a bunch of fat freaks with hairy backs and gross gimmicks who practice making faces in their personal pocket mirrors. How some villain named Dr. Z, who wears a mask and spits at little children, misses a drop kick toward Mr. Clean by eight inches and the turkeys at ringside go into Instant Lap-Up. They think this carnival is for real. Give ’em an Oscar! More catsup blood for the screaming old ladies.

Earnie Shavers

Severn claims Lou Thesz as an influence to professional wrestling. Severn suffered more injuries in professional wrestling than Mixed Martial Arts. In his debut match on November 25, , he defeated Yuko Miyato. This was Severn’s first official loss in professional wrestling. This was Severn’s first tag team match, thus beginning his tag team career. However the match ended in a no contest thus saw Beldam retain the title.

Michio Chicago Volleyball Academy has 4 core principles: integrity, teamwork, discipline and dedication. Our mission is to provide our players and coaches with the highest level of mentoring, both on and off the court.

Lil Jeremiah Fears cemented his name and legend as he averaged 30 in the final 4 in a game that people will be talking about for the ages. Below Is what we said before anyone ever had them on the big stage. Here is a 6ft 5 plus wing that has incredible talent. He does so many things that college players are doing now. Add to that he is an honor roll student and does community service and you have one well rounded young man.

Hey High School coach be ready to move somebody over, you have a 4 year starting wing coming in the door day 1 no need to play around he will be ready. We Love Ya Kid and Congratulations. I have witnessed his progression through hard work and effort. Young fella is also one of the highest character kids you will find at his age and takes nothing for granted. He shows a maturity that is well beyond his years and he is very humble. Here is a kid who is progressively getting better by leaps and bounds, he is also a gym rat and wants to learn.

His size and athleticism already equate to someone high major colleges will be all over in the next few years.

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Follow us on Social Media: It is an attempt to provide basic information so you know what to expect by participating in the YES! AAU basketball groups are independent clubs and organizations that form teams and participate in various tournaments throughout the year under the AAU umbrella organization. Important differences exist between AAU teams and school or travel team leagues: The AAU season is largely dormant during the typical basketball season of November through February as most of the AAU players are playing on school, recreation, or travel programs.

Most AAU teams are very active between March through June, with some programs also playing through the summer and fall.

Apr 02,  · Often the disagreements in the high school and AAU world is nothing more than a pissing match, that has nothing to do with your child. Be sure to promote your child every chance you get. Make sure that your child is always healthy and I wish everyone the best of luck.

First let me say this; my background allows me to discuss this topic as well as anyone. I have been at all 3 level of college basketball. Not only have I coached at the D3, D2 and D1 levels. Next my daughter went thought the recruiting process and I myself was somebody that did the recruiting. Next I have more contact with college coaches than most people. So I consider myself some what knowledgeable regarding AAU basketball as a player, recruiter and parent.

I have been on all sides and have a full understanding of how the process works. So here is my first bit of advice. If you are a parent let me tell you something from real experience. I have seen players change teams in the middle of a AAU season. I have seen parents pressure AAU coaches and worst encourage there kids to play selfless. I will say it for the millionth time.

Olympian Danny Hodge NCAA wrestling champ

Amateur career[ edit ] Shavers started boxing at the fairly late age of Prior to turning professional, Shavers had a short but notable amateur career, winning the National AAU heavyweight title. Early professional career[ edit ] Known as the “Black Destroyer”, Shavers compiled an impressive record, winning 44 of his first 47 fights by knockout; mostly against unremarkable opposition.

In tribute, to a great human being, a great hero, we dedicate this page to Danny! From amateur wrestling to the Olympics, from boxing to Pro-Wrestling, his life story is below for all to .

He was born in February ’49, and was immediately taken away from his real parents and sent to the Tenneessee Children’s Home Society, which later became infamous for its stealing away of over 5, children by tricking the parents into signing adoption papers. This was the true beginning of Fliehr’s life, as his adopted parents shaped the path of his future.

As a two-time Wisconsin Private School Wrestling Champion in ’66 and ’67, Ric Fliehr quickly showed what his future held in store for him. However, Fliehr, while a great athlete, had trouble keeping up with the intellectual portion of school, preferring instead to enjoy the finer things in life. This led to Fliehr dropping out of the University of Minnesota his sophomore year.

Fliehr worked various jobs after dropping out, from selling insurance door-to-door to being a bouncer for a club in Minneapolis. It was through the club that Fliehr made friends with Olympic hopeful Ken Patera, and through him, began training with legendary wrestler and promoter Verne Gagne. Around the same time, though, Flair compensated by winning his first singles gold, taking the Mid-Atlantic Television Title from Jones, continuing their feud. Jones would win back the title later in the year, only to have Flair regain it in June ‘ Flair’s 2nd reign only lasted a week, though, before Jones took back the belt.

Once again, though, Flair found a way to turn a negative into a positive.

MetroBall Youth Outreach

Early life[ edit ] Norton was an outstanding athlete at Jacksonville High School. He was selected to the all-state team Football team on defense as a senior in His track coach entered him in eight events, and Norton placed first in seven of them. As a result, the “Ken Norton Rule”, which limits participation of an athlete to a maximum of four track and field events, was instituted in Illinois high school sports.

Aug 20,  · AAU Matchmaking Aalborg University is the country’s leading university in terms of knowledge transfer between university and industry. It is our goal that the knowledge that our researchers and students generate makes its way to businesses and society for the greater good.

Basketball Background Basketball can make a true claim to being the only major sport that is an American invention. At the heart of the game is the playing space and the equipment. The space is a rectangular, indoor court. The principal pieces of equipment are the two elevated baskets, one at each end in the long direction of the court, and the basketball itself.

The ball is spherical in shape and is inflated. Basket-balls range in size from For players below the high school level, a smaller ball is used, but the ball in men’s games measures The covering of the ball is leather, rubber, composition, or synthetic, although leather covers only are dictated by rules for college play, unless the teams agree otherwise.


EST for the second stop of the three-city slam dunk event. All three stops will be televised via tape-delay on ESPN2. As in past events, the dunkers will be vying for a cash prize with current National Football League players among those serving as judges for the contest. Both are available only at 7-Eleven stores nationwide throughout the summer. In addition, Metroball staff coaches and mentors youth through 11 Amateur Athletic Union Basketball Teams AAU and travel with them to compete against top teams across the country.

Metroball DC AAU has been very successful winning several championships in some very competetive events.

NW Parents, We are happy to announce that North Wake will be offering an “academy style” softball program for the Fall season! This program is open to ages 7 thru 15 (age as of 1/1/), with the focus being on improving skills of all softball players so they can be prepared to play at a higher level of recreation, travel and school softball.

Olympic squads in the s. Pro wrestling career[ edit ] Early years — [ edit ] In , Khosrow was invited to become a professional wrestler by promoter Verne Gagne. Khosrow first wrestled as a face in preliminary matches before a promoter suggested that he adopt a heel gimmick similar to that of the notorious Sheik. He also introduced the Persian clubs , a sport in his native Iran, and challenged wrestlers to do as many swings as him.

This earned him a title shot at then-champion Bob Backlund , who pinned him later that night in a minute battle. Playing on real-life political matters notably the Iran hostage crisis and the animosity Americans had for the country of Iran, he moved on to the Mid-South and Mid-Atlantic territories, capturing the Mid-Atlantic title from Jim Brunzell before moving to Georgia Championship Wrestling. Backlund accepted, and on the December 24 episode of All- American Wrestling, also accepted Sheik’s weekly Persian club challenge.

He was successful in his third attempt to swing the clubs, and the Sheik immediately attacked him from behind, injuring his neck. In the December 26 title bout at Madison Square Garden, Backlund attempted to roll Sheik into a bridge pin, but this aggravated his weakened neck. Sheik capitalized by applying his Camel Clutch chinlock finisher.

Jewel of the Mountains

Michio Chicago Volleyball Academy has 4 core principles: Our mission is to provide our players and coaches with the highest level of mentoring, both on and off the court. We believe that a small family atmosphere is critical.

Apr 24,  · Academy of Art University: News & Events. Stay up to date on everything happening around the school from specific academic departments to athletics.

September 3, at 4: As regular readers know, Rastetter personally encouraged Branstad to get back into politics , and was his biggest donor during the campaign for governor. Even now, months after Rastetter left office after failing to secure a second appointment from Branstad, his legacy of chaos lives on in the ongoing ISU presidential search to replace Leath, in the AAUP sanction against the University of Iowa, and even in a civil suit about the UI search , in which he and four other current and former regents are named as defendants.

On the tuition front, Rastetter treated the financial stability of the Iowa Board of Regents and the schools under its authority with all the regard you would expect from a commodity baron who made hog lots and pig-urine lagoons a ubiquitous feature of the American landscape. In anticipation of the legislative success of his performance-based funding plan, which would have shifted tens of millions of dollars from his hated alma mater at UI to his beloved adopted if not also co-opted home at Iowa State, Rastetter held tuition flat at all three schools for several years.

When that plan ultimately failed in early , however, not only did he run the fake Iowa search in order to appoint Harreld, but a year later Rastetter used a manufactured shortfall in requested supplemental funding to unleash massive tuition hikes at all three state universities. In addition to increasing the base cost of tuition, Rastetter approved differential tuition increases based on degree program and class standing, and other hikes for non-resident and graduate students.

And yet, as one of his last acts before leaving the board, Rastetter also saw fit to call for a Tuition Task Force to study the problem of last-minute tuition hikes — such as those that occurred in the summers of and — for which he himself was largely responsible. The conventional wisdom in public higher education — which is perpetually promulgated by self-serving regents and trustees who are eager to portray themselves as victims — is that schools across the country are suffering from endless legislative funding cuts, which governing boards must then compensate for with tuition hikes.

In the main, and depending on how such things are counted, public funding has fallen in real dollars, but over the past few decades the majority of any decrease is a direct result not of political hostility to public higher education, but of the systemic ravages of the Great Recession. To the extent that most states have had to raise tuition to compensate, governing boards have done so reluctantly and responsibly because of the obvious negative impact on accessibility and affordability.

More on all that here. The facts in Iowa over the past two years, however — meaning, specifically, the two years of purported legislative horror which compelled the formation of a Tuition Task Force — make clear that the Board of Regents not only used funding cuts as a pretext to increase tuition much more than necessary, but that the board increased tuition even after the legislature increased funding: The cuts in FY17 and FY18 were not cumulative, but per-year.

Earnie Shavers

It often costs teams thousand of dollars to attend these July events, and if there is no prospect of playing in front of D1 coaches, many teams will undoubtedly elect to take advantage of far less expensive alternatives, putting many of these events out of business. It’s not a complete prohibition, though. If the proposal is adopted, it looks like the April Live Period will be retained for now. Our good friend from Newsday is hanging it up after 42 years!

We have had the great pleasure of sharing the sidelines with him for the past 10, and enjoyed every minute of it! He will be sorely missed!

The Formula; where c is a specific team’s total number of commits and R n is the Sports Composite Rating of the nth-best commit times ; Explanation; In order to create the most.

Membership in the association is by invitation. The association maintains a standing Membership Committee, which periodically evaluates both non-member universities for possible membership and current members for continued membership, with the goal of ensuring that the association in fact comprises comparable leading research-intensive universities.

Non-member universities whose research and education profile exceeds that of a number of current members may be invited to join the association; current members whose research and education profile falls significantly below that of other current members or below the criteria for admission of new members will be subject to further review and possible discontinuation of membership. While the association does not have a specific limit on the number of its members, it values remaining a relatively small organization whose composition enables productive meetings and collegial relationships among the member presidents and chancellors.

It endeavors to balance these characteristics of the association with the expectation that its membership will include the leading research-intensive universities. In its evaluation of institutions, the Membership Committee is guided by a set of Membership Principles and Membership Indicators. The Membership Principles specify the primary purpose of the association and the corresponding characteristics of its member institutions.