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Red Hook , New York

Thursday, October 5, , PM. A man is facing the rest of his life behind bars for knifing a man to death in Brooklyn after meeting him on a gay hook-up app. All the mens rooms have some action. The first floor has a dozen or more urinals for easy looking, the second floor has a good mens room, but there are partitions. The fourth floor mens room with o. Click on link to view.

Sex & dating in New York City: Time Out offers New York’s best guide to date ideas, speed dating, singles bars and hookup spots. Your ultimate guide to sex and dating in New York City Go to the.

Above all, there was Robert Moses. Robert Moses and the Fall of New York. His shadow looms over much of the havoc wreaked by the storm. The Rockaways were irresistible to Moses. Once a popular summer resort for middle-class New Yorkers, who filled its seaside bungalows and crowded into its amusement parks, the area had fallen on hard times when cars, new roads and improved train service made the beaches of Long Island more accessible. Never one for nostalgia, Moses saw the Rockaways as both a symbol of the past and a justification for his own aggressive approach to urban renewal, to building what he envisioned as the city of the future.

Sources: Red Hook train may figure in Cuomo’s State of the State

In Dutch, “Hoek” means “point” or “corner,” and not the English hook i. From the s to the present time, people who live in the eastern area of Red Hook have referred to their neighborhood as “The Point”. Today, the area is home to about 11, people. Rapelye Street in Red Hook commemorates the beginnings of one of New Amsterdam ‘s earliest families, the Rapelje clan, descended from the first European child born in the new Dutch settlement in the New World , Sarah Rapelje.

Cramped, hot places with free-flowing alcohol are still your best bet, and lucky for you, New York City is a treasure trove of such locales, as our roundup of the best bars in NYC attests.

Charles II , King of England, James’s older brother, had named him proprietor of the former territory of New Netherlands and its main city of New Amsterdam , which had recently been seized from the Dutch. The ice sheet scraped away large amounts of regolith , leaving the bedrock that serves as the geologic foundation for much of New York City today. Later on, movement of the ice sheet would contribute to the separation of what are now Long Island and Staten Island.

Hudson’s first mate described the harbor as “a very good Harbour for all windes” and the river as “a mile broad” and “full of fish. Born in Santo Domingo of Portuguese and African descent, he arrived in Manhattan during the winter of — , trapping for pelts and trading with the local population as a representative of the Dutch. Dutch rule A permanent European presence in New Netherland began in — making New York the 12th oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement in the continental United States [89] — with the founding of a Dutch fur trading settlement on Governors Island.

This program had little success. In — , in an effort to bolster economic growth, the Dutch West India Company relinquished its monopoly over the fur trade, leading to growth in the production and trade of food, timber, tobacco, and slaves particularly with the Dutch West Indies. During his tenure, the population of New Netherland grew from 2, to 8, He instituted regulations on liquor sales, attempted to assert control over the Dutch Reformed Church , and blocked other religious groups including Quakers , Jews , and Lutherans from establishing houses of worship.

Slavery became integrally tied to New York’s economy through the labor of slaves throughout the port, and the banks and shipping tied to the American South.

Hurricane Sandy And Red Hook

Hurricane Sandy gave a terrifying preview of its fury Monday, knocking over a high-rise crane in the heart of Manhattan hours before the storm was even slated to make landfall. The massive shaft of the foot crane swayed in the air some 70 stories over W. Buildings near the unfinished condo skyscraper were being evacuated, but emergency workers said high winds would prevent them from securing the crane, which was plagued by problem seven before the storm.

Food vendor Tony Twitty, 40, said he saw the machinery snap at 2: You could hear the crunching of metal. Streets were flooded and tens of thousands had no electricity.

And so, when I was asked to go to some of New York City’s top hookup bars by myself for the sake of this experiment, I took all of those complicated (and, frankly, embarrassing) feelings along.

History By Suzanne Spellen aka Montrose Morris Housing projects were originally built as a great experiment to house lower income people, one of many to come from the unprecedented poverty and needs of the Great Depression. The economic conditions that brought nationwide misery to this country beginning in and continuing throughout the s were so bad it would take a world war to break the nation out of their grip.

Erie Basin, circa Photo by George Bradford Brainerd via Brooklyn Public Library Between the turn of the 20th century until about the early s, Brooklyn was a manufacturing town. Red Hook, and the piers along the East River were important economic centers. These goods could be raw materials for manufacturing, as well as any imaginable combination of imports, foodstuffs, commodities or products. All of it had one thing in common — it all needed to be offloaded, loaded or stored.

Sailing ships became merchant steamships while horse-drawn carts became trucks. But people were still needed to move the goods, creating a world of longshoremen, dock workers, truckers and stevedores. Longshoreman in Brooklyn, circa

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Verazzano Narrows Bridge Repeat visits to: We left the boathouse at 1: Then it was on again to the Lower Harbor before crossing under the Verazzano Bridge just before dawn. The sea at slack tide was glassy smooth and the same color as the sky; looking out toward the ocean the horizon all but disappeared and we were suspended in this amazing quietude of blue. We rounded Sea Gate as the sun came over the horizon, and landed on the beach just below the Coney Island tower a little before 7:

Mar 06,  · Hi all,I’m writing an article on the best bars around the city to hook up, and I was wondering if any of you have any faves. (And please tell me if it’s where you go to meet like a “hipster” type, or a “wall street” type, etc or where you would.

Attractions , City Guide Guess where I am. I usually roam around the city, using my blessedly-large nose to seek out and follow the smell of baked goods, often to a happy end. But during my trip to New York last October, I had, for one of the few times in my life, direction and one that was not influenced by baked goods. I needed to make a pilgrimage to Tribeca, and one that was a long time in coming. I had intended to go to 14 North Moore Street for years, but the other callings of New York Ellis Island , shopping, and cupcakes kept leading me astray.

This time, though, there was nothing else on my schedule. The sun was shining, it was unseasonably warm, and it was, rather fittingly, Halloween Day. And so it was a perfect occasion to visit the firehouse that served as headquarters for Ray, Peter, Winston, and Egon. The New York fire station used in Ghostbusters. My love for films of my childhood is no secret here on the blog every few years I pop down to Astoria, OR, where The Goonies was filmed , just to see if anything has changed.

Ghostbusters ranks high on my list of favorites, and even to this day, quotes from the movie pepper my vernacular.

Red Hook Recreation Area : NYC Parks

Massacre at the Cinema Theater Detective Prendergast was tasked with investigating a massacre inside a cinema theater. He walked the agents through the police investigation of the patrons who had their heads bashed in and eyes gouged. He commented that the scene was as if a monster destroyed the place.

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Keegan The Sandy Hook reef has only a few small vessels sunk on it, although it does encompass several interesting shipwrecks. Instead, the northernmost of New Jersey’s Artificial Reefs is composed of thousands of tons of construction debris and dredge spoils from New York City. The marks on the chart above do not correspond to actual locations – there’s just too much of it to plot! Minimum clearance at mean low water is 30 feet. The pink area on the chart is the “Full Access Zone”.

This is the area where commercial fishermen will continue to be allowed to set their traps and lines as of Lockwood sailboat – photos courtesy William J Lockwood Not shown on the chart is the Lockwood, a 40′ sailboat sunk circa in the southern part of the reef. The Lockwood has probably broken up and sunk into the sand, as recent efforts to locate it have not been successful.

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